Papua New Guinea FTO





OriginPapua New Guinea
RegionChuave District, order of the Eastern Highlands, Chimbu Province
FarmVarious smallholder farmers
VarietyArusha, Typica
Altitude1600–1800 masl
Proc. MethodFully Washed

Commercial coffee production started in Papua New Guinea in the 1920’s, with seeds brought from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain, also known as Jamaica Blue Mountain. At that time most of the coffee production came from 18 large plantations. Plantations still exist in Papua New Guinea, it only account for 15% of the total production; most of the production now comes from smallholders who tend to their coffee gardens, as they call them locally. These smallholders are subsistence farmers (meaning they live of their land), and they also grow coffee. Each garden might have anywhere from a couple to a couple hundred trees of coffee and parchment deliveries can range from 25–65 kg.

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Weight0.75 lbs

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